Arrives in Prague

A year after its debut, Love It, the “experience store” dedicated to the promotion of Made in Italy food combining in a design environment restaurant, pizzeria, cafe, ice cream parlor and market, is ready to export its format in Prague.

Italian Experience Food Store arrives in Prague

“Love It is much more than just a local tasting because it focuses on people and their stories, creating a real mood for socializing and sharing”, explains Marcello Melda, CEO of Love It.

“Thanks to direct relationships with producers, Love It eliminates any type of intermediation in the distribution chain, reducing product costs to enable its customers to bring to the table high-end products”

The debut of Love it in Prague is expected by the end of next December, with a place that will cover an area of 380 square meters, in the heart of the historic center.

Outside of the store will be exposed an Italian Table code, a set of rules and tips that will signal to the customers what are the rules for living the Italian conviviality.

Some examples? No mobile or iPad, no smoke tables, and a “Social” table to encourage meetings and conviviality.

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